Supernova Drum Co. Kit

Supernova Drum Co.

Great news today, I have  just become part of the Supernova Drum Co. These guys make amazing custom drums, their choice of shells, including seven types of actual drum shell, are unmatched by …

Ilan Rubin

Ilan Rubin is a drummer/musician who is worth checking out. Not only does he play amazing drums but also plays guitar, bass, keys and sings….I’m sure he plays more as …

Manu Katche

Manu Katche is one of my favourite drummers. Amazing grooves!!!! Just listen to the sound of the drums in this clip.

Stevie Wonder

Higher Ground featuring Gerry Brown on drums. Just fantastic!! You have to check out Gerry Brown.

Steve Gadd

There are so many Steve Gadd clips it’s hard to know where to start!! I like this one for so many reasons.