Supernova Drum Co. Kit

Supernova Drum Co.

Great news today, I have  just become part of the Supernova Drum Co. These guys make amazing custom drums, their choice of shells, including seven types of actual drum shell, are unmatched by any other custom drum builder. They even manufacture their own lugs with a choice of two options, Vortex and Centaur Lugs.

Supernova Drum Co. are based in Jersey and make ‘drums that are truly one of a kind, custom made from start to finish.’

Check out their website and give them a call for any advice or questions about their amazing sounding and looking drums. Or alternatively drop me a line and I’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have. You can even pop round and have a look and try them if you are passing!

A massive thanks to Chris and the guys for all their support and help. I’m really looking forward to the new drums arriving very soon.

Supernova Drum Co. Full Birch Snare

Supernova Drum Co. Full  Kit