online drum sessions

I've spent my fair share of time in recording studios over the years but it's nice to be able to offer tailor made drum tracks from my own studio here at home. Sessions can be cheaper than you might think, less time consuming than programming and sometimes you just can't replicate that real drummer feel and sound.

online drum sessions

From my studio at home I am able to offer professionally recorded drum tracks online. I have a fantastic selection of drums, snare drums, cymbals, microphones to match your needs. The finished track can be tailored to your requirements, an overall mix or individual tracks, mp3, wav it’s up to you.

I am also able to offer midi recorded drums using the latest drums samples, Superior Drummer, Abbey Road Drums etc.
Again these can be sent as just midi information, so that you can add your own samples, or midi and the sounds.

Please feel free to get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Get In Touch

the recording process

Send me a demo version of the track and any ideas you may have drum wise. I'll record my parts, discussing the process along the way. I am willing to retweak and change things in order to achieve the track you are after. Once you are happy I'll send the raw files to you in whatever format you require.

drums, cymbals & Microphones

I have available a beautiful vintage WFL kit from the late 1940s which has recently been restored by Eddie Ryan Drums in London. A British Oak custom stave kit, which sounds amazing, and a custom acrylic kit made with RCI Starlite shells, stunning. Snare drums include, Black Beauty, Gretsch brass over chrome, WFL snare and a custom mahogany and birch wood snare. Cymbals from Paiste, Istanbul, Sabian and Zildjian. Microphones for any situation from Sure, AKG, Sennheiser and Octava

Why not have real drums on your tracks -


Get in touch as real drums may be cheaper than you think. I can work to your budget.

fast turnaround

I can work fast so if you need tracks sorting quickly get in touch.


I'll communicate with you throughout the process to make sure you are happy.

Variety of drums

A variety of kits and snare drums, vintage through to modern, to suit any style.


A selection of cymbals from all the leading manufacturers which will cover all styles of music.


Microphones from the leading manufacturers to suit whatever sound you are after.

Examples of recordings made at my home studio.