Online Sessions

Tired of struggling to program drums, get the right feel/sound for your song? Why not try using live drums, it’s cheaper than you might think and a lot less time consuming!

From my studio at home I am able to offer professionally recorded drum tracks online.
I have a variety of drums, snare drums, cymbals, microphones to match your needs.
The finished track can be tailored to your requirements, an overall mix or individual tracks, mp3, wav it’s up to you.
I am also able to offer midi recorded drums using the latest drums samples, OceanWay, Abbey Road Drums, Mixaursarus.
Again these can be sent as just  midi information, so that you can add your own samples, or midi and the sounds.

Please feel free to get in contact to dicuss your requirements.

Here are a few examples of recordings made in my studio. Many thanks to Rob Lord for the use of these.

The videos can be viewed in the Gallery on my Photos/Videos page.