Gaz Coombe

I loved Supergrass and here a couple of tracks from the solo project of lead singer Gaz Coombe. Love these tracks.

Frank Ocean, Wise Man

Frank Ocean has become one of my favourite singers at the minute. This track, Wise Man, was written for the movie Django Unchained but never actually got used. It’s a stunning track. I am posting the live version here as I think it’s amazing.

John Grant

This is a great live version of the track ‘Blackbelt’ by John Grant. Taken from his beautiful album, Pale Green Ghosts.

James Blake

This is an old Joni Mitchell track, it’s been covered so many times but I love this version by the amazing James Blake.

Jamie T

Love this!!! Jamie T Earth Wind and Fire.

The Shins

New album Port Of Morrow from The Shins coming out towards the end of March. Check out these two tracks, great contrast in videos.

Grimes, Oblivion

Grimes is a musician and visual artist from Montreal Canada. Love this video. Ver todo videoclips Grimes

Mouse On Mars, Polaroyced

I’ve always loved Mouse on Mars. This is a great track and video called ‘Polaroyced’ Ver todo videoclips Mouse On Mars

Romeo Void

Romeo Void, a great band from the late 70’s early 80’s. This track, Never Say Never, was one of their biggest hits.


This is a track by a band called TheShining, made up of two guys, Morgan Zarate and Acyde. The record was released on The Young Turks label which is worth having a look at. Some great music on there.